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The twin aims of this business are to provide social impact through employment and work experience opportunities to young disadvantaged individuals and to develop a sustainable funding source for internal program longevity. These aims align with United Synergies core values, mission statement and strategic plan.

Participants are supported via United Synergies existing programs which offer case management, mentoring opportunities, social skills development and mental health supports. This network of holistic services and support strengthens the social impact ‘point of difference’ of Coffee United.

The Coffee United social enterprise is developed with the following objectives:

  • Our vision is to create employment and work experience opportunities for young people in their community, many of whom are challenged in finding and maintaining sustainable employment
  • To provide a sustainable and reliable source of funding via this scalable and robust business model
  • Giving an opportunity for local business, organizations and private individuals to initiate a social procurement practice and benefit from a social impact with their purchase
  • To communicate to customers that we are driven not by profits but by social motives. Communicating this to our customers is a key element of our communications strategy
  • Coffee United will also act as a provision of information into programs and services, providing support for young people who may require assistance with issues such as mental health, homelessness, employment, or re-engaging with education and training

Coffee United offers a contemporary café and the option of a mobile coffee trailer, for accessing community events & festivals and community development opportunities.



Barista Training & Work Experience
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