Child Safety

United Synergies helps children, young people and families with care and parenting support during complex life challenges, creating a safe environment for children and improving family wellbeing.


Youth Support

12 to 18 years

The Youth Support Program helps young people to re-engage to education, family or community.

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Family Support Program

The Family Support Program provides one-on-one support to parents and young people.

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Bridging Families Program

The Bridging Families Program helps families to provide a safe and protective environment for their children.

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Intensive Family Support Services

0 – 18 (and unborn)

The Intensive Family Support Service assists vulnerable families to address multiple and/or complex needs, and build their capacity to safely care for and protect their children.

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Supported Independent Living

15 - 17 years

The Supported Independent Living Service helps young people learn to be independent in a stable living environment.

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Residential Care Service

12 - 17 years

Residential Care is provided to a child or young person in need of care and protection.

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Foster & Kinship Care

0 - 17 years

Foster & Kinship Care Service provides support to carers and children referred by child safety.

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