Youth Support

12 to 18 years

The Youth Support program helps young people aged 12 to 18 years in a holistic case-managed framework, working closely with other agencies to deliver innovative and effective services to at-risk and disadvantaged young people.

Referrals to the program include young people who are:-

  • At risk of disconnection from family/community or support networks
  • At risk of disengagement from school, training and/or employment
  • At risk of harm, including self-harm
  • Homeless or at risk of homelessness

The Youth Support program also operates the Community Youth Games & Court Support programs.

Community Youth Games is a grass roots community sports development program for young people not engaged in mainstream education or are at risk of dropping out of school. The young people are encouraged to have a sense of pride and ownership of the program with the underlying aim to instill anti-crime behaviours and a positive community outlook. Young people participating in CYG will benefit from better physical and mental health, positive self-esteem and identity, learn confidence-building skills, have an opportunity to eat a healthy lunch,  experience community inclusion and increase cultural awareness.

Court Support: The Youth Support worker is the first point of contact for young people and families at the Toowoomba Children’s Court and is aimed at creating an atmosphere of respect and understanding among young people and their families about court processes. The Youth Support worker explains their function at court, provides advice and information about programs, referral to other agencies or support in the courtroom. The Youth Support worker will also provide practical information such as the courthouse facilities, locations of the courtrooms and waiting times. The Youth Support worker will direct young people to speak with a solicitor and the Youth Justice Toowoomba Court Coordinator, as well as when it is their time to appear in court.

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