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Our StandBy Coordinators have had their hands very full over the past three months! Across the country, our Coordinators have been involved with assisting with NAIDOC and Seniors’ Week events, and being a part of Q and A panels alongside Out of the Blue a community-centred play that looks at the themes of suicide, domestic and family violence and mental health.

In July, Coordinators participated in the preparation of a poster presentation and short video which were presented at the Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) conference. The presentation included recordings and photos of StandBy representatives from each region. The poster and the video will soon to be available for Coordinators to use as a community engagement and promotional resource.

In addition to the poster presentation, Rose Hogan from North Coast NSW and Samantha Gill from ACT, in collaboration with the National StandBy team, delivered a presentation about how to effectively support young people exposed to suicide in educational settings.

We received positive feedback about each of the presentations, and it was great to have a strong show of StandBy staff at the ready to provide support and respond to queries as they came our way.

Everyone who attended the conference found it provided an invaluable opportunity for professional development and networking. The StandBy team was able to discuss practice with other professionals in the suicide and mental health fields, and learn all about emerging research evidence and practices occurring both nationally and internationally.

Over the last three months, we’ve said goodbye to some of our brilliant coordinators, including Chez Curnow who held her role in South Australia Country North since it was established.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! We’ve welcomed new Coordinators to the Kimberley, Pilbara Northern Territory Top End and Central North Queensland sites, and we look forward to working with them into the future.

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