Youth Homelessness: How We Make A Difference

As a youth organisation that works with young and vulnerable people across a range of issues and challenges, we are proud to support Youth Homelessness Matters Day this Wednesday 18 April 2018 at our Golden Beach Crisis Accommodation.

According to Homelessness Australia – in Queensland alone – it’s estimated that there are currently around 20,000 people who are homeless, where a massive 40.7% are under the age of 24, and of this number, 17% are children under the age of 12.

Fran Turner, our Specialist Homelessness Case Manager, explains that Youth Homelessness Matters Day gives us an opportunity to speak up for all people who may be experiencing homelessness, and to also let our local community know the youth homelessness situation is getting worse here on the Sunshine Coast.

“I work at our Golden Beach Crisis Accommodation here on the Sunshine Coast, where we can accommodate and support up to four young people facing homelessness at any given time.

“From the work I do on the ground, I can see that youth homelessness is a problem on the Sunshine Coast and the situation looks to be getting worse each year.

“Our Golden Beach Crisis Accommodation is always full. We are never empty. We are always stretched and working across the community to offer these young people access to the support they need.

“I want everyone to know that youth homelessness is an issue that we all need to work on together because there is not enough crisis, or affordable accommodation options, available to help these young people,” says Fran.

Chris Stenton, a young Indigenous youth currently at our Golden Beach Crisis Accommodation says that he wants to reach out to other young people who may be in a similar situation and encourage them to get help early.

“After sleeping rough for quite a while, I am really appreciative to come into the United Synergies Specialist Homelessness Support program at Golden Beach and work with my case Manager Fran.

“Over the past 10 weeks, Fran has helped me set and achieve some goals I previously didn’t think possible.

I have been able to get a part-time job at a local fruit shop, where I work each week, and am now studying three subjects at the University of the Sunshine Coast. My goal is to one day work in voice animation.

“Fran has also connected me with the United Synergies Money Matters team to support me in practical areas, like getting my finances together, and even purchasing a car that I can now use for work.

“I want to speak up on Youth Matters Day and encourage other young people who may be sleeping rough to seek the support they need through places like United Synergies. I want other young people to know it’s okay to ask for help,” says Chris.

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